Dark Souls II: Review




Prepare to Die…. a lot. The combat can take some getting used to along with learning enemy patterns, but once you get the hang of it and stick with it, it becomes very rewarding and fun. There was a point early in the game when I was Hallow and could not find anymore Human Effigies. I felt like I was stuck and could not defeat the Belfry Gargoyles. With things getting grim, I pressed on and summoned another player using the online feature that allows players to work together to complete a task via the White Soap Stone. With that little extra help and the mindset to stick with it, I was able to progress and started rolling through the game being more mindful of my Human Effigy use. After a long journey and reaching the end of the game, I can truly say that Dark Souls II is one of the most rewarding and interesting games I have ever played.


Visually, Dark Souls II has improved over its origin in every way. Each location in the game has its own unique look and really gave the developers a chance to show their talents. From standing on a cliff in Majula and looking at the sun over the water, to going up against some beautifully designed bosses, the graphics in Dark Souls II are very easy on the eyes. Now if we could only get a Playstation 4 and Xbox One version, more people would be able to enjoy the masterpiece that is Dark Souls II.


The musical scores of Motoi Sakuraba are epic and really pull you in during a hard fought battle with a Boss or exploring the dark corners of the world. Voice acting is unique and makes each character really stand out. As far as sound effects go, top notch. Whether it is the sound of a great sword hitting steel, or the sounds of something dark lurking in the shadows, the sound effects of Dark Souls II really make the world come alive.   

Replay Value:

Very High. With a 60+ hour campaign, multiple classes, online PvP or PvE, and New Game +….. The replay value is endless. Just don’t let all that dying weigh on your soul.

Overall Package:

As an overall painting, Dark Souls II is a Masterpiece and one of the finest video games I have ever played. It is so nice to play a game that doesn’t hold any punches and really makes you adapt and overcome. Dark Souls II is such a great package that the only downfall is that it left me wanting more. I guess we will just have to wait and see what From Software has in store for us next. Hopefully a Playstation 4 and Xbox One version to hold us over and bring this excellent video game experience to all those who might have missed out by trading up to the new consoles. 



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