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Child of Light: Review



Classic. Child of Light plays like an old-school adventure RPG and that’s a great thing. From the turn-based fighting to the exploration, Child of Light is filled with classic elements that keep this recipe fresh and fun to play. This game is a prime example that you don’t have to be a $60 triple “A” with a huge development team to create an amazing work of art that is a thrill from start to finish. The only thing that might turn people away is not being a fan of turn-based combat.


When most people talk about graphics in a game, they talk about photorealism and the sharpest textures, but we can’t forget that there’s more to it than just that. Sometimes amazing graphics come in the form of beautiful artwork with vibrant colors. Child of Light is blessed with some amazing artwork that really showcases this teams talent. The future looks bright for the creators of Child of Light.


The soundtrack in Child of Light has many nods to classics of the past. The first time I heard the main melody on the flute, I was reminded of the Ocarina from Zelda. While battling a boss enemy, the chanting orchestral score reminded me of the theme music to Skyrim. All this said, Child of Light has a brilliant score that wraps this total package even tighter.

Replay Value:

Medium. Trophy and Achievement hunters will want to play this one through for a second time. NG+ also lets you keep your level, skills, and items for another go around in this work of art.

Overall Package:

Amazing artwork and classic adventure gameplay makes for a recipe that everyone can enjoy. Child of Light is a brilliant game that every classic RPG fan should add to their library. Playing through this adventure is proof that grand things come in small packages.


Special Thanks to Mina Sanwald for providing the Child of Light artwork. Check out more of her work here.


Resolution Wars: CD Projekt RED Weighs In


CD Projekt RED, the producer of the upcoming Witcher 3, has stated that this whole conflict over which console is capable of better resolutions is nothing more than a PR difference between the two. When you really look at the technical difference between the two, most gamers can’t tell the difference between 900p and 792p on the televisions they use for gaming. It would only start to become more apparent on TVs that are 70+” and still the average gamer would be splitting hairs. I would have to agree with CD Projekt RED that the resolution wars is just allowing people to say that their console has a higher number. Does that number really matter? I think not. What really matters is a solid frame rate because that can effect gameplay, and at the end of the day, it’s all about gameplay and having fun, not how many pixels you have on screen. 

Watch Dogs Resolution: The Pixel Wars continue



Watch Dogs on PS4 was originally claiming 1080p and 60 fps as this new generation of consoles continues to have a battle over resolution. News today states that Ubisoft may have overshot those calculations as they announce that their upcoming title Watch Dogs will run at 900p on PlayStation 4 and 792p on Xbox One. Both versions run at 30 frames per-second. In my mind, this is not an issue at all because the game will look amazing on both consoles. We are really looking forward to Watch Dogs release on May 27th and the review to follow shortly after.

Free Games for Everyone!!


Games with Gold will be kicking off June on the Xbox 360 by offering free digital downloads of the original “Dark Souls”, “Charlie Murder” and a bonus game “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.” This news also brings word that Games with Gold will be rolling out on the Xbox One in June with the starting titles being “Halo: Spartan Assault” and “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.” Sounds like a bunch of great deals to me and a very good time to be a gamer! For more information on the program and the Xbox Live changes to media apps like Netflix, check out Major Nelson’s blog here.

Microsoft Dropping Kinect?


Microsoft has announced a new version of the Xbox One that will be available next month without the Kinect. This Kinect-less version will be available for $399 making it a better matchup against the $399 Playstation 4. Is this a marketing move to sell more units or is Microsoft finally having doubts about Kinect’s relevance in todays video games? It could also be the trouble that Microsoft has had with the voice commands working over-seas. Either way, I think this move has been a long time coming for some people and probably will help Microsoft get more Xbox Ones into consumer’s homes. It was stated that a standalone Kinect would be available later this fall.

Dark Souls II: Review




Prepare to Die…. a lot. The combat can take some getting used to along with learning enemy patterns, but once you get the hang of it and stick with it, it becomes very rewarding and fun. There was a point early in the game when I was Hallow and could not find anymore Human Effigies. I felt like I was stuck and could not defeat the Belfry Gargoyles. With things getting grim, I pressed on and summoned another player using the online feature that allows players to work together to complete a task via the White Soap Stone. With that little extra help and the mindset to stick with it, I was able to progress and started rolling through the game being more mindful of my Human Effigy use. After a long journey and reaching the end of the game, I can truly say that Dark Souls II is one of the most rewarding and interesting games I have ever played.


Visually, Dark Souls II has improved over its origin in every way. Each location in the game has its own unique look and really gave the developers a chance to show their talents. From standing on a cliff in Majula and looking at the sun over the water, to going up against some beautifully designed bosses, the graphics in Dark Souls II are very easy on the eyes. Now if we could only get a Playstation 4 and Xbox One version, more people would be able to enjoy the masterpiece that is Dark Souls II.


The musical scores of Motoi Sakuraba are epic and really pull you in during a hard fought battle with a Boss or exploring the dark corners of the world. Voice acting is unique and makes each character really stand out. As far as sound effects go, top notch. Whether it is the sound of a great sword hitting steel, or the sounds of something dark lurking in the shadows, the sound effects of Dark Souls II really make the world come alive.   

Replay Value:

Very High. With a 60+ hour campaign, multiple classes, online PvP or PvE, and New Game +….. The replay value is endless. Just don’t let all that dying weigh on your soul.

Overall Package:

As an overall painting, Dark Souls II is a Masterpiece and one of the finest video games I have ever played. It is so nice to play a game that doesn’t hold any punches and really makes you adapt and overcome. Dark Souls II is such a great package that the only downfall is that it left me wanting more. I guess we will just have to wait and see what From Software has in store for us next. Hopefully a Playstation 4 and Xbox One version to hold us over and bring this excellent video game experience to all those who might have missed out by trading up to the new consoles. 



Elder Scrolls Online Delayed for PS4 and Xbox One


The much anticipated Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One has been delayed for about six months according to the developer. This would put ESO for consoles out sometime around the holiday season. The developer stated that the reason for the delay was due to the fact that they are still working to solve a series of unique problems presented by both consoles. For more info check out the Elder Scrolls Online blog.